Entrepreneurial Spirit: Get In The Drivers Seat

One of the greatest frustrations we experience in life is feeling as though we lack control. It's difficult to feel as though you don't have control over what is going on in your life. It's a lot like sitting behind the wheel of a car but not being able to grab it and steer it yourself. This is essentially what we experience in our daily lives when we trudge off to a job that we hate and work for someone else. While not everyone possesses the entrepreneurial spirit, for those who do, a 9-to-5 job can be stifling to the spirit. Many of us possess a deep desire to tap into our imagination and create a long-held vision. There are a few commonalities that best define the entrepreneurial spirit. Let's look at four (4) traits most successful entrepreneurs possess. #1 - The Group Effort So much of entrepreneurship is a solo effort, but a true entrepreneur understands that they alone cannot handle everything. It's impossible to do everything yourself in the long-term. Entrepreneurship it's a marathon, not a sprint. True entrepreneurs understand that delegation is just as important to their success as their desire and passion. The ability to look at the big picture and enlist help in certain areas of your business is true entrepreneurship. Why be limited by your weaknesses when you can harness the strengths of others? #2 - Hard Work Every entrepreneur worth their salt understands that their undertaking is going to require blood, sweat, and tears. While the end result may mean success and perhaps an easier life, it takes time and energy to get there. Of course, it also comes with a risk... but with great risk comes sweet rewards. These are people who use their initiative and seek every opportunity out, rather than waiting for it to come to their door. If true happiness belongs to the people who look to get the most from their life, then entrepreneurs have cornered the market. Not only are they prepared to chase down success, but also they take the necessary steps to improve their working life and chase their dreams at the same time. It's the best of both worlds. #3 - Perseverance The ability to brainstorm, tackle new projects, and look into the future... it's exciting and it is invigorating. However, not every day looks like that and once your project has launched, the mundane reality sets in. A true entrepreneur can overcome complacency and embrace the detail surrounding daily tasks. There is an understanding that results will not be immediate, that this is a game of slow growth to garner success. For others, there is a need to feel satisfied always. This just leads to discouragement and a dip in performance. In situations like this, an entrepreneur is able to overcome the challenge and persevere through the difficult times. #4 - Innovation Part of the entrepreneurial spirit is the need to learn and to innovate. This tends to kick in when discouragement grabs hold. The entrepreneur shakes off dissatisfaction, adapts the attitude of winning, and looks for effective ways to overcome a problem – whether it is an old one or a new one. An entrepreneur is always looking for the how and the why in any situation and is dedicated to finding the answer. The entrepreneurial spirit is embodied by innovation, hard work, and perseverance. Humility, however, is another element. It isn't about glory; it is about striving to succeed. There is no task too great or too small for the entrepreneur. While there is wisdom in recognizing your weakness and using a third party to complete certain tasks, there is clarity in understanding that not only must you get your hands dirty, but at the start of your journey you need to be prepared to tackle even the most menial of tasks. If this sounds just like you, what are you waiting for? Seriously, it's time to get in the driver's seat and take control of the wheel. This is your life and you only get one, so if you have an idea, a vision, a want... go out and chase it. The only person who can change your life for the you.

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