Seven Ways to Build Your Email List That Work

Building your email list is one of the most important aspects of online marketing that exists. Email marketers report earning more than 38 times their investment in email marketing. Of course, if you want these kinds of results, you need to understand how it all works and how to do it best.

1. Give Away Free Stuff

The more free stuff you can give out, the better. Whether checklists, eBooks, or something else, this is a way to get people on your email list. Free trials, free eBooks, and free digital products don’t cost you a thing but help you build your list. The key is to create free stuff that is highly targeted.

2. Host Webinars

A webinar can be a free thing too, but it needs its own mention. Hosting either free or paid webinars is a fabulous list builder because everyone knows it’s normal to register for the webinar. They won’t complain about giving their information for an event like this. Some marketers make most of their income just hosting free webinars every week – some “live” and some “as live.”

3. Publish Useful Content Regularly

Your blog is a great place to capture more list members. By regularly posting content that your ideal customer cares about, you can build your list. But you do need to be sure to promote the content and not expect people just to find you via search engines.

4. Send Your List Stuff Too

Once you get someone on your list, that’s just the start. From the first email, you’ll want them to be excited to open the email when they get them. You can train them to open them by making the very first email and every email after super-valuable to them with useful information. Free stuff isn’t just for newbies.

5. Promote Your Newsletter

Develop a newsletter that can stand up to industry critique. Include movers and shakers, new information, and your thoughts about all of that in the monthly or quarterly publication. Publish it online and send it out via email. Use that newsletter to bring them to your offers and cross-promote your communities.

6. Promote Your Blog

Don’t just post on your blog and leave it at that. If you want to build your email list, you need to promote the content you publish so you can get your audience’s attention. Set up your email marketing software to grab your posts and send them to your email list subscribers.

7. Make Your Email Sign-Up Prominent

On your website, or blog, or any place that you ask for subscribers, make the sign-up form stand out. You want it to call attention to itself so your audience doesn’t miss it. You’ll want to point it out in words and visually if you want them all to sign up.

Building your list requires that you not only get people to sign up but also keep them on the list. You want subscribers that are members of your ideal customer base who are hungry for the information and solutions you provide to them. To do that, you’ll need to develop targeted content and products that speak to them and only them.

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